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Earth Craft Classes, Spring 2017

FeltedBag2 Bracelets BambooCork

  • Do you enjoy making crafty things and working with your hands?
  • Would you like to connect more deeply with the earth and your environment by creating things using natural materials?  
  • Would you like to take time to sit out in the woods for hours with a small circle of other crafty folks while letting your creativity run free?

If any of these describe you, you might enjoy these classes.  The Earth Craft Classes are a series of five craft classes being offered outdoors under a covered shelter in the woods of Cloudland, GA during the Spring of 2017.  You can register for the classes individually, or register for the entire 5 class series at a discounted rate.  The classes are child and family friendly.  Children are welcome to accompany their parents and play nearby.  Any children wishing to participate in the classes will need to be registered (Please contact us before registering children).  In order to provide quality instruction and assistance for those participating, space for each class is limited and spots will be offered on a first come first serve basis.  Advance payment for classes is required to guarantee one’s spot.

Where & When

Classes will be held on indicated Sunday afternoons from 1PM to 4PM Central Time (2PM – 5PM Eastern) at Cloudland Farms, 7709 Old State Road, Cloudland, GA, 30731. 

Schedule and Classes

1 – BAMBOO CRAFTS – February 26th – in this class we will be learning about the nature of bamboo, how to create things with it, specific tools that lend themselves to working with the material, and how to properly care for your bamboo creations.  We will be making your choice of the following projects: bamboo wind chimes, bird houses, utensils, picture frames, toothbrush holders, pen/pencil holders, etc.  You will likely have time to finish 2 or more bamboo projects.  Materials fee: $5-$10 per project.

 BambooHarvest BambooChimes  

2 – CLAY DAY – March 12th – Come play in some clay with us :) In this class we will be working by hand with stoneware clay to create your choice of: pinch and coil pots, soap dishes, essential oil diffusers, planters, and endless other possibilities.  If taking this class, you must be able to return at a later date to pick up your pieces after they have been kiln fired. You may have time to finish more than one project.  Materials fee: $5-$25, depending on how large your items are.


3 – FINGERWEAVING – March 26th – In this class we will be learning simple fingerweaving techniques while creating handwoven bracelets, knotted water bottle holders and/or hanging planters for our clay creations from Class 2.  You will have time to create 1-2 projects in this class.  Materials fee: $5 per project.

  WovenBraceletAntlerButton Bracelets Bracelet

 4 – HERBAL BATH & BODY CREATIONS – April 9th – Learn how to make your own organic herbal deodorant, body butter, and lip balm.  You will get to take home one of each of these creations. Bringing your own containers is encouraged, but not necessary.  Materials fee: $10.

 Deodorant2 DSCF3805 DeerCream

5 – WET FELTING – April 30th – In this class, we will talk about how to create beautiful wool creations out of freshly sheared fleece.  We’ll discuss how to wash and card the fleece in preparation for felting, and we’ll create a felt bag/purse.  This is a three hour class.  Class Fee: $25-50 (sliding scale, paid in advance by registering below), Materials fee: $10 (paid during class).



Recognizing that different folks have different levels of income, class prices are offered on a sliding scale.  Please pay what you are able to, rather than simply choosing the lowest price option.  The price of the classes does not include the materials fee for each class, which will range from $5-$20 per class and will vary based on amount and type of materials used by each person.  Materials fees will be collected during each class.

Single Class: $25-$50 

Entire Series of 5 Classes: $100 – $200